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Protect Your Loved Ones with PERS (Personal Emergency Response System)

by Amy August 20, 2013




Falls among the elderly are a major problem. In fact, one in three adults aged 65 and older will fall in a given year, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control. Twenty to thirty percent of those who fall experience moderate-to-severe lacerations, broken bones and head trauma, making it difficult to live independently. Falls are also the leading cause of injury-related death among this age group, and death rates continue to rise.

Being alone and having an emergency, such as a fall, is a terrifying thought. Now imagine a loved one who is elderly or has a disability being at home alone, getting seriously hurt and there is no one to help. What would you do?

You may feel helpless just thinking about it, but there’s something you can do to know the minute something goes awry providing you and your loved ones peace of mind. Known as the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), family members can enjoy all the benefits of independent living while having 24/7 monitoring from My Alarm Center. Once activated, the PERS system instantly contacts an emergency response professional who alerts paramedics, police or fire department and all family members on the provided contact list.

The medical alert system can be triggered by smoke, carbon monoxide, a fall or prolonged inactivity, as well as, can be manually activated in the event of a home accident or medical emergency.

How It Works

Worn as a lightweight, battery-powered pendant or wristwatch style transmitter, personal emergency response services provides the user the ability to press one button for rescue help—sending a signal to a console that is monitored by a certified UL listed central station all day, every day. A rescue call will be sent out within seconds to emergency responders and family members. If the user experiences a power outage, the battery back-up will continue to work for several hours.

The water-resistant transmitters can be activated automatically (when it senses a fall, if there is inactivity or smoke or carbon monoxide) or manually and feature an activity timer option that monitors everyday activity during user-designated times.

Users can be in any room in the house and even within 200-400 feet outside the home to call for help.

Also included with the Personal Emergency Response System are smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector transmitters. When smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, each transmitter sounds loudly. Then 20 seconds after the local alarm sounds, the built-in transmitter sends a digitally coded wireless signal to its companion receiver alerting My Alarm Center.

So no matter the danger, your loved one is cared for even if you can’t be there. Now that’s peace of mind worth sharing!

Next month, see how home video surveillance can help you keep track of family and keep everyone safe.

Keep Your Home Free Of Water Damage

by Amy July 16, 2013

As humans we need water to live. Drinking it every day helps keep us healthy; we need it to keep our laundry clean and our dishes spotless. But what we don’t need is water coming into our homes unintentionally ruining floors, walls, precious artwork, antiques, furniture, computers and other electronics.

Home water damage is actually one of the most common and expensive disasters affecting American homes, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The average cost of a water damage claim is about $6,995, say the latest statistics.

Sadly, much of this damage is caused by unnoticed frayed washer hoses, faulty toilet valves, leaky water heaters and air conditioners, and corroded pipes. Some homeowners insurance policies will not cover damaged caused from a lack of proper maintenance for air conditioners, or other items..

Now the good news: With My Alarm Center, you can protect your home from water damage. As long as you have cellular monitoring services installed on your plan, the water control and water detection offers can be added.

How It Works

Through a sophisticated wireless home security system of sensors that detect water leaks, My Alarm Center receives a signal and will instantly alert you to the problem via your smartphone or PC when you’re not at home. What’s more, you can also have a shut-off valve installed that will automatically shut the main water valve off when water is detected.

For example, you throw a load of laundry in before leaving for work, like you always do. But this time something unexpected occurs. After arriving at work, you are alerted on your smartphone that there is water detected in your house. It turns out that it’s coming from a leaky washer hose. You turn the main water valve off, using wireless security systems for home, and water flow is quickly cut off to all areas of the home and any continuous flooding is immediately stopped. Now you can get back to work with peace of mind knowing that you’ve avoided a costly disaster.

Another instance is its late and you go to bed hoping to get a restful night’s sleep. But once you nod off and are soundly asleep, one of the kids quietly wakes up and flushes the toilet without realizing it would slowly overflow. And it does. Thankfully, you have the best security system and a water sensor installed as part of the water control and water detection features which alert you with the sound of your home alarm that water is detected on the bathroom floor before it actually floods. Now you’re able to get up and remedy the problem with a plunger. Phew! Another disaster averted.

With My Alarm Center’s water control and detection offers, you can feel confident knowing that the adverse effects of water will not be harming your home… ever.

Next month, see how My Alarm Center can protect you through its Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS).

Get Protection From Fire And Carbon Monoxide Poisoning With The Best Carbon Monoxide Detector

by Amy June 17, 2013



Did you know that deaths and injuries from all natural disasters are only a fraction of those caused annually by fires in the United States? Did you realize that a home fire remains the most dangerous fire threat to most Americans?

In fact, about 81 percent of all fire deaths and 76 percent of all fire injuries occur in homes, according to the United States Fire Administration’s 2012 statistics.

While smoke and fire can be seen and smelled, a threat known as “the silent killer,” carbon monoxide gas poisoning, can’t be easily identified. This colorless, odorless gas is created when fuels like wood, oil, gasoline, coal, natural gas and propane burn inefficiently.

In 2010, U.S. fire departments responded to approximately 80,100 non-fire carbon monoxide incidents, according to the National Fire Protection Association (the latest statistics available). In those events, carbon monoxide was found by the fire department. In addition, the number of carbon monoxide incidents has increased exponentially since 2003—by 96 percent (40,900 incidents in 2003).

Electronic Monitoring Services of Fire and Carbon Monoxide

You probably have a smoke detector installed at home and you might even have a carbon monoxide detector, too. Although these detectors are essential to home safety, there is yet another layer of protection that My Alarm Center can help provide—24/7—through home monitoring services.

Think about being at work with pets at home. A fire erupts from an electrical source in your home. Even though the smoke detectors are sounding, your pets are at risk of not being able to escape the fire and you don’t know it’s happening. But with My Alarm Center home monitoring, you can have additional wireless smoke detectors installed with special sensors that signal a fire to a dispatch system. Then, the fire department arrives on site at your door ready to put out the fire and save your beloved pets.

Similarly, imagine your aging mom lives at home alone. Her portable, fuel-burning space heater malfunctions and carbon monoxide fills the air. Because it’s colorless and odorless, she can’t detect it and could be sickened by the fumes or even killed by them. She might have a carbon monoxide detector alert her to the poison. Unfortunately, many people, like your mom, don’t believe that they’re at risk when the detectors sound because they can’t see or smell it. However, with My Alarm Center Wireless Home Security, you can have carbon monoxide detectors installed with sensors that speak to the dispatch station, which sends the fire department to get your mom out of the house and directly to safety.

Customizing the Warning

Also, through My Alarm Center, you can opt to have other warning systems alert you and your loved ones. For example, sensors can be installed to trigger the lights to turn on if fire or carbon monoxide is detected.

Finally, My Alarm Center’s home automation service, My Home, can send real-time alerts via your computer or smartphone to let you know fire and/or carbon monoxide was detected in the home while you’re away from it. Plus, you can customize the service to place a call to alert you of any dangers.

Next month see how My Alarm Center home security services can protect you and your family from damaging flood waters.

Stay Connected, Stay Summertime Safe

by Amy May 14, 2013


When living is supposed to be easy, summertime can often catch us off-guard with home security. In fact, residential break-ins peak during the summer vacation months of July and August, as well as in September, according to information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Among all burglaries in 2011 (the latest statistics available), home burglaries were the most common—accounting for 74.5 percent. Additionally, a burglary occurs every 14.4 seconds in the U.S.

Statistics make us aware and alert. But with the My Home system from My Alarm Center, you can relax and enjoy the easy, breeziness of summer while on vacation or at work, or just out for a few hours. No need to worry about the safety of your home while you’re away from it as you can check the security cameras and look in on your home.

Whether on your PC/Mac or smartphone, My Home allows for you to receive real time alerts when your security system for home is armed or disarmed, when a door is opened or closed, or if there is motion activity on your property, provided you have cellular monitoring and interactive services. Also, My Home can be equipped with video surveillance, home entry notifications and archived entry logs.

How It Works

The way this is all possible is through My Home’s sophisticated technology and a corresponding sensor system. With My Home, you are able to be notified about virtually anything you would like about your home. Have kids and work full time? My Home can alert you via text or email when your teenager arrives home from school every day. Or it can inform you if your child hasn’t yet arrived home at a specified time that you have programmed.

Not only do you have the ability to program My Home to custom parameters, but you can make last-minute, on-demand decisions. For example, you forgot that a contractor was coming to do some work while you’re on vacation. Once the contractor arrives at your home and calls you wondering why you’re not there, you can disarm your wireless security system to let him in, unlock the door, as well as lock the door behind him. You can do the same thing when he leaves to lock and re-arm the system.

Video surveillance can be installed as well so that you can see exactly who is coming and going.

Another option with My Home is controlling the lights and thermostats. For instance, you’re at work and it’s another summertime scorcher. Simply log into your My Home account either through PC/Mac or your smartphone app, and program it to crank up the A/C in time for your arrival. Depending on availability, some wireless security systems for home can even allow you to set activation parameters so that it can detect when you’ve left your home and turn down the a/c and then upon your return, it will sense you getting closer and will turn up the air.

The bottom line: My Home takes home security (and conveniences) to a more manageable, customized and personal level. You are in control.

Next month, see how My Alarm Center can help protect your family and you from the ravages of fire.

Top 10 Things Burglars Avoid

by Amy March 13, 2013

We are excited to continue the series of guest blogs by Peter Rogers, Co-Founder & Senior Advisor, of FrontPoint Home Security Solutions. Peter has more than 20 years of home security experience, including leadership positions at some of the country’s most prominent alarm companies.

Wireless Home Security Update – Top 10 Things Burglars Avoid


We’ve seen that as many types of crime are decreasing across the country, burglary statistics remain stubbornly high: in some areas the incidence of home intrusion has even spiked. The FBI reports that there is now a burglary every 14 seconds somewhere in the US. Homeowners are asking what they can do for greater home security solutions – and greater peace of mind. I came across this great list that provides some timely advice about what burglars don’t like to find, as they case a house or neighborhood. And as you might guess, item #2 is my favorite!

Burglars invade homes every single day. There is nothing more threatening to an apartment dweller or homeowner than the idea of a burglar forcing his way into their home and stealing their valuables. Not only does this leave the victim angry and shaken, but it also makes the victim feel as if their life and sanctuary have been viciously invaded. More than likely, the typical burglar is not the high-tech professional you may have seen in movies. In reality, most burglars are amateurs who will use crude methods of gaining access to your house, including breaking windows and kicking in doors. Here are some things that burglars tend to avoid.

1)      Strong Doors

Many people when purchasing a home, renting an apartment or building a new home can tend to get skimpy on details like the quality of exterior doors. Some people feel that a door is a door so there’s no use in worrying about it. Not so. If possible, invest in solid hardwood or metal clad exterior doors. If renting an apartment, invest in deadbolts.

I couldn’t agree more. In fact, here a link to my blog on Where Burglars Break In – and you’ll see that it’s the front or back door almost 60% of the time!

2)      Security Systems

If at all possible, invest in a high-quality, trusted and monitored security system. As you may notice with car alarms that have frequent false alarms, most people will walk right by a car with a screaming alarm without even giving it a second glance. Having a monitored security system will alert police once your home has been breached. You can also put a sign on your yard or decals on your windows that show that your house has a security system. If a burglar is scouting the area, more than likely he will go to the house that does not have a security system to avoid the hassle.

Studies show that a home with a monitored alarm system is actually one third less likely to be burglarized than the unprotected home next door. And when you are shopping for wireless home security, be sure to ask for safer wireless monitoring: no vulnerable phone or Internet line required, and no physical connection for a burglar to cut with that $3 pair of wire cutters.

3)      Dogs

A barking dog, even if it is a small dog with an annoying yap, is a definite deterrent for a burglar. If you do not have a dog, post a “Beware of Dog” sign on your gate or near your front and back doors. Burglars will avoid having to deal with a barking and growling animal any day.

4)      Well-lit Areas

If there is one thing a burglar loves, it is working in the dark, away from seeing eyes. Burglars are knowledgeable when it comes to jimmying open a door or breaking a window and unlocking a door in the dark. Keep the area around your house well lit and invest in motion detector lights for those darker corners of your home’s exterior.

5)      Security Cameras

This is not an inexpensive investment, but installing a security camera near your front and back door will definitely keep a burglar away. Many burglars will knock on the front door to see if anybody is home before deciding to break in. Even if the burglar successfully invades your home, you will have video footage of your burglar’s identity.

6)      Corner Homes

Burglars love to do their criminal business unseen. Corner homes, thus, are not easy targets as they offer more of a public view.

7 & 8) Two Story Homes & Apartments on High Floors

Most burglars do not risk stealing the larger items like wide-screen televisions and electronic equipment. They usually stick to jewelry and cash, items that they can easily carry. For this reason, burglars usually avoid two story homes, since these items will more than likely be upstairs in the master bedroom and burglars like to minimize the time they stay in a home. For this same reason, burglars usually avoid apartments located on the higher floors. First floor apartments are easier to scout and escape from.

9) Closed Drapes or Shutters

Many people love to have the sunlight stream through their windows, but this gives potential burglars a chance to glimpse into your homes and see what types of items you may have laying around that they may want to steal. Keep your drapes and shutters closed when you can, especially at night.

10)   Irregular Routines

Burglars simply LOVE routines. Many burglaries are not random. Burglars like to scout out their potential victims and see what time of day is best to invade. If they know that every day, like clockwork, you leave the house at 7:30 in the morning and usually do not return until 8:00 at night, they know they have a large window of opportunity to strike. But if you (or someone you designate) can be in and out of the house at all times of the day, frequently changing your routine, burglars will more than likely avoid your home.

What you want most is for these random intruders to move on to the next house – and again, it’s been shown that the best deterrent to intrusion is a monitored home alarm system. And while you’re shopping, make sure you also look into the advanced interactive features that many alarm companies now offer: remote arm/disarm, text & email notifications even on non-alarm events, mobile apps, on-demand and motion-activated system camera video services, and even remote control of lights, locks and thermostats. You won’t have to pay a lot for the latest technology, and you’ll love the convenience of many of these features. Be safe!

Why Invest In A Home Security System?

by Amy March 1, 2013

Many customers of My Alarm Center invest in a home alarm system and remote monitoring services to protect their families and assets. However, not everyone is aware of the many additional benefits of having a home security system, like those highlighted in a recent Yahoo! Homes article.

For instance, while a wireless home security system alerts homeowners and emergency response teams in the event of a break-in, a key benefit to owning a home alarm system is deterring criminals in the first place. It takes burglars, on average, 60 seconds to break into a home, so any deterrents are likely to send potential intruders searching for a different target.  Home alarm systems serve as a major deterrent, as homes without a security system have a significantly higher break-in rate, than homes with an alarm system.

Another crucial benefit of home monitoring systems is increased smoke and fire detection. Having a home alarm system that doubles as a smoke detector can help residents ensure their families and property don’t suffer from the damage caused by thousands of fires that cause multi-millions in damage each year in cities like Seattle, WA.

These significant benefits – deterring crime and additional smoke/fire protection – provide home alarm system customers eligibility to discounts on homeowners insurance.  Discount rates vary by provider, but many realize savings up to 15% per year.  Call your insurance provider for details, or visit the Insurance Information Institute at for more information.

Aside from safety, My Alarm Center is providing homeowners the ability to control and monitor their homes remotely with home automation services.  Although, interactive home monitoring is a relatively new offering, many customers are experiencing the convenience and benefits of managing and monitoring their homes from their smartphone, tablet or computer.  Managing thermostats and lights can mean energy savings, and monitoring home security equals peace-of-mind, especially for those with kids at home, or those granting access to service people (contractors, dog walkers) while away.

These are just a few of the benefits customers of My Alarm Center home security services experience every day. For more information or to understand how you can leverage some of the benefits outlined here, email or visit

-Your Friends at My Alarm Center

Homeowner Wounded Confronting Burglars

by Amy February 14, 2013


We are excited to continue the series of guest blogs by Peter Rogers, Co-Founder & Senior Advisor, of FrontPoint Security Solutions. Peter has more than 20 years of home security experience, including leadership positions at some of the country’s most prominent alarm companies.

Wireless Home Security – Wilmington, Delaware Man Shot in His Home by Daytime Burglars.

It was just a few months ago that I posted on this topic, with some very strongly worded advice: do not, under any circumstances, confront a burglar in your home. And this new story (published just last week) from Wilmington, Delaware, clearly makes the case for leaving burglars alone in your home and calling police immediately. Happily, the homeowner lived after being shot.

A Wilmington, Delaware man is hospitalized after being shot by a pair of burglars in his own home. It happened before 1:00 p.m. Monday. Police say two masked men broke into a home in the unit block of West 24th Street and began to burglarize it. As the suspects were removing items, police say a 29-year-old tenant confronted them inside the home. One of the suspects then pulled out a gun and shot the man in the chest. Both suspects then fled. Police arrived, found the wounded man and called medics. The man was rushed to Christiana Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition. Police are searching for two suspects described as black males wearing all black clothing and masks, last seen fleeing south on North Tattnall Street.

As I have stated before, one major challenge in avoiding burglar confrontations is that you don’t always know that an intruder is in your home when you walk through the door – especially if you have no alarm system to alert police, and scare the burglar off. Just imagine entering your home assuming you are safe and all is well, and suddenly encountering someone in the act of stealing your cash, jewelry, or electronics. When you have no wireless home security system and no warning, the results can be frightening – or as in this case, potentially fatal.

And of course, other aspects of this new report follow standard patterns. It was a day-time burglary, when intruders expect that nobody is home. As is usually the case in these situations – and I could cite countless more from daily crime reports – there is an 80% likelihood that there was no alarm system in the home of the victim. How do we know that? Because only about 20% of US homes do have a monitored alarm system that can trigger a police dispatch.

I’ve been reading police reports, police tips (especially about burglaries), and other home safety and wireless security system advice for over twenty years, and one of the most consistent and unvarying concepts I’ve seen during all this time is that one of most dangerous and foolhardy things you can do is to confront a burglar in your home. And now that so many people have guns in the home, there is a stronger disposition among some homeowners to take the law into their own hands when intruders strike. There are plenty of these stories in the news as well – and they often end badly.

Now imagine how much safer you would feel when entering your home at any time of day or night, without worrying about confronting intruders, who may well be armed. And with interactive monitoring services, such as those offered by today’s best alarm companies, you can also receive a text or email any time a door opens, telling you which door. That level of protection provides real peace of mind, which helps explain why more people are shopping for wireless home security systems, as home intrusion statistics continue to get worse across much of the US.

It just makes sense for homeowners to realize the fact that a monitored home alarm system can prevent these confrontations in the first place. The good news is that police tips are making increased reference to home security systems – they understand that monitored detection is the best way to keep burglars and homeowners from meeting face to face. And that’s also why so many more homeowners are shopping for true peace of mind, and why electronic security is included on this list of Top 10 Home Security Tips. With only one in five homes protected by a monitored alarm system, and a burglary occurring every 14 seconds in the US, there are still lots of homes – and homeowners – left to protect in the alarm business   .

Burglars Do Come Back: Why You Need A Burglar Alarm

by Amy January 18, 2013


We are excited to continue the series of guest blogs by Peter Rogers, Co-Founder & Senior Advisor, of FrontPoint Security Solutions.  Peter has more than 20 years of home security experience, including leadership positions at some of the country’s most prominent alarm companies.

Burglars Do Come Back – The Same House, and the Same Neighborhood

We know that burglars do come back to the scene of the crime. It may be a few days later, or even years later: after serving a three-year prison term, one serial burglar in Florida even revisited a house he had previously broken into – and was caught again! In this report from Philadelphia, PA, a persistent pair of intruders targeted a home and then struck twice in four days. And in this case, thanks to monitoring services, police have video of the burglars.

Philadelphia police are looking for two burglars who attempted to hit the same house twice. Video of the two suspects, who tried to block their faces from a surveillance camera, was released by police on Monday. Police say, back on August 13th, the pair broke into a home on the 1500 block of South 13th Street. Investigators say the victims woke up to find their back door open and several items missing from their living room. Then, on August 16th, the suspects tried to hit the home again, but ran away when a burglary alarm went off.

There are several positive angles to this story. I like the presence of security cameras – like those sold by most reputable, full-service alarm companies – since video footage should help police take these perps off the street. But I especially appreciate the fact that the burglar alarm scared the bad guys off when they came back. We may never know if this burglar alarm was added during the four intervening days: perhaps the system was already there, and the homeowner just decided to be more disciplined about using a proven deterrent he had in place. Either way, it’s a known fact that burglar alarms do prevent home intrusions.

Same Houses – and Same Neighborhoods 

Burglars don’t just target the same house two or more times: they also “work” a neighborhood or community on a repetitive basis, coming back for more now that they know which houses are without security systems for homes. And what’s more, it’s been well documented that burglars have a high rate of recidivism, meaning they may well serve jail time for home intrusion, and later revert to that same form of crime after they are released. Here’s a telling tale from the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

An Allentown man admitted Wednesday to stealing about $98,000 worth of jewelry, cash, coins, electronics, handguns and other items in 41 home burglaries across the Lehigh Valley while on house arrest. Handcuffed and wearing a blue prison jumpsuit, Herman Ojeda Jr., 38, pleaded guilty to 41 counts of burglary and three counts of attempted burglary.

Drugs are Often Behind Criminal Activity

First Assistant District Attorney Steven Luksa described each burglary, digging cases out of a large pile sitting on top of Dantos’ bench. After describing each one, Luksa placed the files next to him on the floor. By the end of the hearing, the pile had spilled by his feet. After the hearing, Luksa said Ojeda has told authorities he committed the burglaries because he lost his job and bills were mounting. Luksa said Ojeda was also feeding a three-bag-a-day heroin addiction.

Routine Burglar Tactics

Almost all of the burglaries happened between noon and 3 p.m., when the homeowners were not there. Police said Ojeda would first knock at the door to see if anyone answered. He would also avoid homes with alarm systems. “He said he didn’t want to hurt anyone,” Luksa said. Luksa said Ojeda told authorities he committed at least one of the burglaries with his “mentor” who later died of a drug overdose. Police said in many of the burglaries, Ojeda would ransack the bedroom and leave other rooms untouched.

How Police Caught Him

Authorities said they were able to identify Ojeda as a suspect based on witness descriptions and a GPS device that he was required to wear because he was on house arrest. Luksa said Ojeda committed the burglaries during times he was permitted to leave his home. Luksa said defendants on house arrest can leave their homes for work, doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping excursions and for other reasons. Luksa said Ojeda’s GPS device showed he was near the burglaries at the time they were committed.

One might assume that being forced to wear a device that reports your location would dissuade you from committing more burglaries – but not in this case. Amazing!

As I’ve stated many times, the best deterrent to a break-in at your home is a monitored alarm system – especially one with safer cellular monitoring and smarter interactive features. Some alarm companies specialize in these systems, so make sure you ask the right questions when you are shopping. And if you’ve been broken into (or someone else in your neighborhood has), the very first thing you should do is add monitored home security as your first line of protection. You can even place a home security sign on your front lawn. You deserve peace of mind, and that comes from the knowledge that you’re protecting your home and family- no matter how many times a burglar comes back.





Enhancing the Wireless Home Security Customer Experience

by Amy January 8, 2013


We’re thrilled to share very exciting news from My Alarm Center Wireless Home Security Systems: we’ve officially moved our office to a new, state-of-the-art facility!  Since our inception in 2000, we’re committed to providing our customers with the latest technology and retain the top quality professionals in the industry to meet your security needs.  This new headquarters provides us with the unique opportunity to leverage both!

Our new space offers not only a great working environment, but a more efficient and advanced infrastructure that will ensure our employees are best-equipped to serve you and address your home security service and home monitoring needs. For example:

Shorter waiting times and faster service are made possible by the fiber-optic communication system allowing us to assist you with greater efficiency and clarity. The system also gives us the flexibility to allocate home security resources where they are needed most. 

Savings and improved installations and upgrades will be driven by our expanded warehouse facility which gives us the opportunity to purchase alarm system equipment in greater quantities, resulting in bulk-buying cost savings.

We’re looking forward to a prosperous new year and excited to extend these home security solutions and benefits of our new facility to our valued customers in Philadelphia, Seattle, and nationwide. You can expect us to continue the quality service and offer state-of-the-art products throughout the coming year, as well as, support you more effectively while controlling operating costs.

We look forward to making it easier for you to keep your family safe and your home secure, with the latest technological offerings and best home security system in the industry.

Thanks for sharing in the excitement with us! For any questions on home security systems or anything else, email

Looking forward to a safe and happy 2013!

-Your Friends at My Alarm Center



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