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My Alarm Center Announces Contest Winner

by Cassie November 4, 2014


My Alarm Center is pleased to announce that Kris Otto is the winner of their MyHome MyStory contest.

My Alarm Center invited people to share on the My Alarm Center Facebook page their experiences with home security, home automation and home fire or carbon monoxide detectors. People were invited to share their story about the impacts of these systems in their lives. Then, based upon the most votes of a submission (likes) as voted on by the readers of the My Alarm Center Facebook page, a grand prize was awarded.

Kris Otto received the most votes and Kris won a $100 Visa gift card from My Alarm Center!

You can see Kris’ winning submission below:

“My husband was working midnights and I had a young son at home with me. We installed the alarm system as I was nervous about the lower level walk out and being at home alone every night. My son and I were sleeping, but had the alarm set. What a blessing and how scary to be awakened at 2:47 AM (I will never forget the time) to the blaring alarm. I grabbed my son and called 911 and we locked ourselves in the bathroom. When the police arrived, they had found a broken window in our lower level. Without that alarm, who knows what might have happened that night. Keeping our family safe is so important!”

Home alarm systems, home fire detectors and home automation systems make a positive impact on people’s lives. We thank all people who shared their story on our Facebook page!