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Pet Safety Tips

Adding Extra Layers To Your Home Security

by Amy October 23, 2017

These days you never know if your home security is strong enough until it is threatened. This is why it’s a good idea to add on as many layers of home security as possible. Use a variety of security tactics so that you will always feel safe and know the belongings inside of your home […]

Carbon Monoxide Safety

by My Alarm Center October 27, 2016

Most people are aware they need fire alarms to warn them of a fire. But many people are not as aware of carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly and invisible gas. Colorless, tasteless, odorless, and poisonous. In 2007, there were 2,302 confirmed cases of people being hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning. It […]

Outdoor Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe While Playing Outdoors

by Cassie April 20, 2015

  Did you know that it is National Playground Safety Week? Here is a blog post all about being safe that you can take with you beyond the playground. As a kid, it’s fun to climb trees, explore the unknown, and create magical worlds. With what seems like an abundance of energy and endless curiosity, […]

Technology To Keep Your Pets Safer

by Cassie April 13, 2015

We love our pets like family (because they are our furbabies, right?). So why not protect them as we do the rest of our family members? Here are some tech gadgets and apps to keep your furry family members safer. 1. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. Exactly what the name implies, this device attaches to your […]

Home Fire Safety for Pets: Prevention and Planning

by Amy October 21, 2014

You might be surprised to hear that an estimated 1,000 home fires are caused each year by the family pet and more than 500,000 pets are involved in fires each year where they were not the cause.  The family pet is considered by most to be an equally important member of the family unit, yet […]

2 Things You Need to Know Before Leaving Your Pet at the Kennel

by My Alarm Center August 7, 2014

If you have a pet that you occasionally need to board at a kennel, then please take two minutes to read this home security blog post. On June 20, 2014, 20 dogs at a pet boarding facility in Gilbert, AZ. (a suburb of Phoenix) died of heat exhaustion after the air conditioning stopped working in […]