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My Alarm Center Alarm Company Announces Contest Winner

by Cassie November 4, 2014


My Alarm Center Alarm Company is pleased to announce that Kris Otto is the winner of their MyHome MyStory contest.

My Alarm Center Alarm Systems invited people to share on the My Alarm Center Facebook page their experiences with home security, home automation, and home fire or carbon monoxide detectors. People were invited to share their story about the impacts of these systems in their lives. Then, based upon the most votes of a submission (likes) as voted on by the readers of the My Alarm Center Facebook page, a grand prize was awarded.

Kris Otto received the most votes and Kris won a $100 Visa gift card from My Alarm Center!

You can see Kris’ winning burglar alarm submission below:

“My husband was working midnights and I had a young son at home with me. We installed the alarm system as I was nervous about the lower level walk out and being at home alone every night. My son and I were sleeping, but had the alarm set. What a blessing and how scary to be awakened at 2:47 AM (I will never forget the time) to the blaring alarm. I grabbed my son and called 911 and we locked ourselves in the bathroom. When the police arrived, they had found a broken window in our lower level. Without that alarm, who knows what might have happened that night. Keeping our family safe is so important!”

Home security alarm systems, home fire detectors, and home automation systems make a positive impact on people’s lives. We thank all people who shared their story on our Facebook page!

Thank a Seattle Police Officer

by Derek September 16, 2014


Police work can be a tough and demanding job. Many times citizens under-appreciate the effort put forth by employees of the Seattle Police Department.

All of us at My Alarm Center Security support the fine work done by the Seattle Police. That’s why we encourage Seattle citizens to use the online “thank you” form on the City of Seattle website. It’s your way to give thanks to the police department employees and their supervisors for a job well-done.

There are also other great safety resources available to you from the Seattle Police Department. Some of our favorites include:

Other Seattle Police Department Items of Interest include:

  • Precinct Phone Numbers:

North Precinct (206) 684-0794
South Precinct (206) 386-9180
East Precinct (206) 684-4370
West Precinct (206) 684-8996
Southwest Precinct (206) 615-1976

We encourage your complete support of the Seattle Police Department. Thank an officer for their good work today!

Money And Energy Savings With Home Automation Services

by Amy November 15, 2013



You’ve probably seen the commercials… A couple is at a relaxing dinner out and able to unlock the door for their son who arrives home from college unexpectedly, via their smartphone. The next scene might show someone turning down a thermostat remotely from a tablet. Cool. Is it that simple, you wonder?

You might have thought about getting a home security system for the peace of mind it brings, but something keeps stopping you: the perceived expense.

But did you ever consider that by having a security system with a home automation system like My Home you might actually save money in other areas?

You can.

Money Savings

Because insurance companies want to reward you for keeping your home secure and free of burglaries, fire and carbon monoxide, the average savings in homeowners’ insurance can be up to 20 percent for homes equipped with a monitored alarm system, according to a 2011 study of the 10 largest insurance companies by Electric Security Association.

Add to that the potential savings in electricity costs because of ease of energy conservation with My Home. For example, home automation as a service can ensure that lights are not left on all day—you can turn them off and on via your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac. A thermostat can be controlled the same way: Turn down the air conditioning when you’re at work but turn it back up a half-hour before you get home to cool down the house.

Even window coverings can be automated to let light in to help warm up a room in the winter or close them to help cool down a room in the summer. Motion detectors included in a home automation plan are another way that can help save you money and keep you safe. They are only activated (light up or sound an alarm depending on the purpose intended) when someone is detected in a hallway or a room, so a light doesn’t have to be lit constantly sapping energy.

To further illustrate, the average American electric bill is about $110 a month, with roughly 56 percent going to heating and cooling and another 15 percent to lighting, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

By using home automation and smart home devices to control energy consumption, your electric bill can be cut by as much as 15 percent. That combined with the homeowners’ insurance savings, can help defray the cost of an alarm system—and may save you up to $1,352 a year—and in the end, may even pay for itself.

Enhancing the Wireless Home Security Customer Experience

by Amy January 8, 2013


We’re thrilled to share very exciting news from My Alarm Center Wireless Home Security Systems: we’ve officially moved our office to a new, state-of-the-art facility!  Since our inception in 2000, we’re committed to providing our customers with the latest technology and retain the top quality professionals in the industry to meet your security needs.  This new headquarters provides us with the unique opportunity to leverage both!

Our new space offers not only a great working environment, but a more efficient and advanced infrastructure that will ensure our employees are best-equipped to serve you and address your home security service and home monitoring needs. For example:

Shorter waiting times and faster service are made possible by the fiber-optic communication system allowing us to assist you with greater efficiency and clarity. The system also gives us the flexibility to allocate home security resources where they are needed most. 

Savings and improved installations and upgrades will be driven by our expanded warehouse facility which gives us the opportunity to purchase alarm system equipment in greater quantities, resulting in bulk-buying cost savings.

We’re looking forward to a prosperous new year and excited to extend these home security solutions and benefits of our new facility to our valued customers in Philadelphia, Seattle, and nationwide. You can expect us to continue the quality service and offer state-of-the-art products throughout the coming year, as well as, support you more effectively while controlling operating costs.

We look forward to making it easier for you to keep your family safe and your home secure, with the latest technological offerings and best home security system in the industry.

Thanks for sharing in the excitement with us! For any questions on home security systems or anything else, email

Looking forward to a safe and happy 2013!

-Your Friends at My Alarm Center



Welcome To The My Alarm Center Home Security Blog

by Amy July 28, 2012

Welcome to the My Alarm Center home security blog, where we’ll share tips, best practices, and news to help you stay well-informed on the latest in home security solutions, monitoring services, and home automation systems.  

We’re thrilled to publish our first post, in the coming days, highlighting safety tips to keep your home secure while away on vacation.

Please stop by again! We’ll be sharing more tips and new developments in home security service soon.

 -Your Friends at My Alarm Center