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Senior Safety Tips

How Doorbell Cameras Improve Home Security

by Amy September 6, 2019

As a homeowner, it is vital to take the necessary steps to keep your loved ones secure. Installing a smart doorbell camera is a simple and affordable way to achieve this; one that will make your life safer and easier. Here’s how doorbell cameras can increase home security: Deterring burglars Numerous studies suggest installing security/surveillance […]

The Future Is Now: Your Phone Is A Powerful Home Security Tool

by Amy February 27, 2019

Nothing is more important to us than protecting your home and family, especially as burglars become increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to break in. To keep pace with newer technologies and services, the right security agency is essential. A comprehensive home security system is more than just a set of security cameras and a beeping […]

Fire Safety Tips For Homeowners

by Amy December 6, 2018

It is important to remember that even a small fire can spread within minutes, and it can take more time to escape your home than you think.  These tips can help you stay safe in case of a fire. Cooking: Ensure that the burners and stove are always turned off when you are finished cooking. […]

Keep Your Dorms Safe With These Campus Security Tips

by Amy October 5, 2018

College makes you feel safe because there are always people around, but it is important to know how look out for yourself. Everyone can help to make college campuses safer. If you are a victim of violence in any way, make sure that you contact your local campus resources or local police station for help. […]

Senior Citizen Home Security Tips

by Amy September 7, 2018

As you get older, it often becomes more difficult to live on your own. You may tend to forget things, which could be potentially dangerous. Accidentally forgetting to lock the front door, or to turn the oven off, could present a costly or dangerous threat. However, being a senior citizen shouldn’t mean relinquishing your independence, […]

Carbon Monoxide Safety

by My Alarm Center October 27, 2016

Most people are aware they need fire alarms to warn them of a fire. But many people are not as aware of carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly and invisible gas. Colorless, tasteless, odorless, and poisonous. In 2007, there were 2,302 confirmed cases of people being hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning. It […]

How to Talk to Your Parents about Aging and Independent Living

by Derek November 18, 2014

One of the most stressful and overwhelming discussions adult children can have with their parents is about aging and independent living. Talking with your parents about their ability to care for themselves and their home is something many of us resist. We don’t want our parents to feel that they are being forced to do […]

How to Get Your Adult Children’s Help As You Age

by Derek November 11, 2014

Do you know the three most uncomfortable conversations an adult child can have with their senior parents? They are in order: taking away their parent’s car keys, discussing with their parents end of life plans, and talking with their parents about sex. In fact, adult children are so concerned about these issues that 94% of […]

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Personal Emergency Response System

by Amy March 6, 2014

  Do you want a really effective and affordable personal emergency response system for yourself, a friend or a loved one? Then don’t commit your money, or sign a contract, with any personal emergency response system provider without knowing all the details. Sure, you’ve looked at web sites and different prices. And while that is […]

5 Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

by Amy February 28, 2014

  There’s little doubt that America is getting older. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Department on Aging expects the number of citizens over age 65 to double by 2030. With an aging America comes an increasing risk of injuries. To help keep people safe in their homes, we offer these five safety […]