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How to Keep Safe in Door Knocker Season

by Amy May 2, 2016

Door Knocker Safety

Warm, pleasant weather means more time for your family outside, but also more door to door sales activity. Many sales people are innocent and easy to direct away from your home, but there are some door knockers who have less admirable ambitions about approaching your home, such as tricking people into scams and selling low quality goods, so it’s important to be on guard at all times. Here are effective tips to keep you and your family safe in the event of a door knocker security situation.

You Shouldn’t Feel Pressure

A good sales person will be encouraging and engaging, but a questionable door knocker will turn the pressure on high from the start and keep demanding your agreement. For example, some sales people will turn up the pressure by telling you that this is a once in a life time opportunity, making you feel that you have no option but to commit, or that the supply is very limited so you must act now. These claims are only meant to make you feel uncomfortable, and pressure you. It will only get worse if you let them continue, so it’s best to remove yourself from the discussion and direct them away.

Charities Claims Aren’t All True

Supporting a charity is a positive contribution to your community, but some people use charitable organizations as a way to collect money from trusting people and use it for profitable gains. Rather than committing to a charity at the time of solicitation, document the charity’s information and tell the person that you’ll donate online or at a local establishment at a later time. If the person does not react kindly to that action, beware of pressure and proceed cautiously. You can continue by stating that you have no cash on hand and you may donate later, at another time or online.

Be Mindful of Signing Contracts At Your Door

Contracts are binding, and many unethical door knockers are providing contracts that support their or their businesses objective, not you as a consumer. If the topic of conversation is interesting to you, offer to take a copy of the contract to review it for legitimacy first.  For home security companies, door to door sales agents may make false claims about your existing security system.  Keep your existing security system agreement in mind and be aware of pressure from a competing company. It’s also very important to remember that it is your right to nullify any contract signed through a door to door transaction as long as you do it within three days of signing.

Research and Validate

Does the product or service really speak to your needs and seem too good to pass up? It’s best to still decline the door to door offer and research the company and reviews online first, before making a commitment. While not every product, business or service may be found on the Internet, most legitimate ones will have an online presence, especially on social media. Check reviews, scam alert websites, discussion boards and more for information.

Keep the Door Closed

It’s not rude to leave the door unanswered to stay safe and keep away from questionable door knockers approaching your home. It’s the easiest way to avoid a confrontation or scam. Also, it’s important to never let a door to door sales person in your home. There is no reason for them to conduct business anywhere other than outside.

At My Alarm Center, our purpose is to keep you and your home safe, from coast to coast. Let us know if you have any questions on door to door knockers.