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The Weekly Roundup 10.16 Edition

by Amy October 16, 2015

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How Teal Pumpkins May Mean a Safer Halloween

Halloween, while an exciting time for most kids, can be a difficult time of year for kids who suffer from food allergies. A new initiative called the Teal Pumpkin Project aims to alleviate the stress of Halloween for kids with allergies. The project, started by the Food Allergy Research and Education non-profit, encourages people to put a teal painted pumpkin outside their house if they have non-edible treats such as small toys or stickers for trick-or-treaters. Starting in 2014, the Teal Pumpkin Project has had homes in 50 states and 70 countries participating. This year, the initiative hopes to have 100,000 households taking part in the project. With over 15 million Americans affected by food allergies, the Teal Pumpkin Project will hopefully continue to grow and give kids with allergies the opportunity to fully participate in trick-or-treating.

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Safety Tips for When You’re Walking

Home safety is immensely important, and there are many steps you can take to ensure your security in your house or apartment. But when you leave the house, it becomes far more difficult to control the environment around you. Here are some tips to keep you safe when walking outside:

  • Whenever possible, walk in a group
  • Travel in areas that are well lit and have other people around
  • Avoid alleys, stairways and other isolated places
  • Refrain from wearing headphones so that you don’t block out your environment
  • Map out your route, and avoid shortcuts through parks or empty parking lots
  • If you ever think you are being followed, run to the nearest group or local business for help

Utilize these tips to be more cognizant of your environment when walking.

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How to Properly Decommission Your Apple Device

With the purchase of every new Apple device comes the relegation of your previous mobile phone. Whether you choose to sell, trade-in or simply discard your old phone, it is important to properly remove the data before you do so. To start, make sure that you back up all the data on the phone before you erase it. Next, sign out of your iCloud account on the phone and make sure to reset the phone’s settings. Finally, under “General” settings, hit “Reset” and then “Erase All Content and Settings.” This will ensure that all your phone’s information is effectively wiped from the device. Once the phone has been wiped, anyone who comes into contact with the device next will not have access to your photos, messages and mobile banking information.

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New Teslas Can Protect You from a Biohazard

It’s no secret that Tesla cars are some of the most cutting edge vehicles on the market. Their new Model X boasts “Falcon Wing” doors that lift up to make exiting the vehicle easy, even in tight spaces. Still, this is hardly the most impressive feature of the Model X. During the car’s rollout, CEO Elon Musk mentioned that the car has a “biohazard button.” Despite laughs from the crowd, Musk went on to explain that the car’s air filtration is so advanced that it actually can filter out germs and other pollutants from the air. While other top of the line brands offer strong filtration systems that eliminate pollutants, none make the claim that they can filter out a biohazard. As a technology leader in the automotive industry, it is hoped other companies will follow Tesla’s model for exceptional filtration systems.

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