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The Weekly Roundup 10.9 Edition

by Amy October 8, 2015

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The Smartest Building in the World

While smart homes are a growing trend in the tech world, one of the biggest advancements may be a smart office building. The Edge, a new office building in Amsterdam built by Deloitte, uses an app on your phone to direct you to an open parking spot in the morning, pick out a desk that best suits your daily schedule, and even alters the light and temperature in your work space to match your preference. With the massive amount of energy created by the building’s solar panels, the Edge produces more energy than it uses and is, therefore, one of the greenest buildings in the world. The purpose of the Edge is to create a collaborative, adaptable and convenient workplace. Chief information officer for Deloitte, Erik Ubels, believes that the future of office buildings hinges on their ability to connect both internally and to other buildings.  The current cost to create a building like the Edge is extremely high, but with technology like solar panels eliminating the cost of energy, constructing smart office buildings may be a worthwhile investment for companies.

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How to Prepare for Losing Your Phone

Many people who have owned a smart phone, may have also experienced the horror of losing one. Although it certainly is not an inevitability, the possibility of losing such an important device means that you should be prepared for the event. When you first buy a phone make sure to write down the serial number and Mobile Equipment Identifier, which can usually be found in the “about” section in the phone’s settings. To keep your mobile information safe, avoid putting sensitive information on your phone and always use a lock code. Another way to keep your information secure is to regularly back up your device to a computer or the cloud. Most new devices have a way of tracking your phone via GPS (Find My iPhone, Where’s My Android), so make sure to set up an account so that if you do lose the device you can determine its location. There’s no way to ensure you’ll never lose your phone, but you can reduce some of the stress of a missing mobile by planning for the situation.

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Travel Safety Tips

Traveling abroad is an exciting and fun way to utilize vacation time, but it is important to take precautions to stay safe. Use these tips to ensure that your trip goes smoothly:

  • When traveling to another country find out about their customs and laws
  • Carry money and documents in a bag/purse that is easily concealable
  • Do not go out alone after dark
  • Avoid wearing a lot of jewelry so that you do not attract predators
  • Use a business card as a luggage tag instead of your home address
  • Never tell anyone that you are traveling alone

With these tips you can stay safe while making the most of your trip.

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Your Credit Card Just Got Safer

By now, your new credit or debit card with the shiny chip in it may have arrived. This new chip will help to drastically improve your card’s resistance to identity theft. Unlike your card’s old magnetic strip which used the same 4-digit code for all transactions, this new security chip creates a unique security code for each transaction you make. This new security method greatly deters a thief from stealing your card information, because he or she is unable to steal the unique code for each transaction. One drawback to this new method of card security is that the payment process now takes about a millisecond longer because the chip has to communicate with your bank or card company for each transaction. Additionally, things such as online transactions don’t benefit from the added security of the chip. Still, this new technology, which has been used for a long time in Europe, is a good step to help prevent identity theft.

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