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The Weekly Roundup 11.20 Edition

by Amy November 20, 2015


Top Sites Are Leaking Your Data to Third Parties

Without your knowledge, 90% of top websites are sending your data to third-party sources. Recently, privacy researchers have shed light on the fact that sites that leak data share your information with an average of nine external domains. This means that multiple websites may be tracking you simultaneously. What is most concerning is that the data being shared is your private browsing data. Additionally, even if you have set your browser not to track you, your information will still be given out. Google, the most popular search engine in the world, tracks people on nearly 80% of sites using its Analytics. Sites like Facebook and other social networks are also guilty of tracking users. There are very few options for users who wish not to be tracked, as even incognito programs such as Tor cease to be affective the second you log onto any social account. For now, being tracked on the internet is fairly unavoidable.

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Cost Effective Tips to Improve Your Company’s Security

It’s important to make sure your company’s information is secure. Here are some simple things you can do to improve your company’s security:

  • Update all software to ensure that you receive the latest security enhancements
  • Keep informed about security trends and threats relating to your industry
  • Make sure all passwords are strong, and are changed every 30-60 days
  • Don’t offer public Wi-Fi without password protection
  • Properly vet new hires for any security risks
  • Rid yourself of paper documents

With these tips you can help keep your company protected from cyber threats.

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Teen Hackers Breach Law Enforcement and Employee Records

The teen hackers who accessed CIA director John Brennan’s personal e-mails last month are in the news again. This time, the group has released the names and contact information for over 2000 law enforcement officers, government employees and military officers. This second leak has led experts to believe that the group has breached multiple classified law enforcement databases. With the information the group has obtained, it is more than likely that more classified data is going to be leaked in the future. One of the databases the hackers may have access to is the Joint Automated Booking System. This system includes arrest records from around the country and could also identify active police informants. Hopefully the group can be identified and stopped before any more information is leaked.

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Third Party Instagram App Removed from App Store for Stealing Passwords

The popular third party Instagram app, InstaAgent, has been removed from the App Store and Google Play for collecting users’ private data. The app which tracks who has viewed your Instagram profile, also sends unencrypted usernames and passwords of its users to an unknown server. Additionally, the app had reported to post pictures on users’ profiles without permission. With a reported 500,000 users using the app, a significant amount of passwords were stolen. If you have ever had the app installed on one of your devices you should change your Instagram password immediately as there is a good chance that it was compromised.

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