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The Weekly Roundup 12.18 Edition

by Amy December 18, 2015

NASA’s Computer is 100 Million Times Faster than Yours

With the level of technology employed in the common consumer computer, it is hard to imagine a computer that is significantly faster than the best products on the market. A new announcement by Google and NASA indicates that the machines we employ at home hardly scratch the surface of fast computing speeds. The D-Wave quantum computer NASA purchased 2 years ago, proved to be 100 million times faster than current single core computers on the market when tested by Google. Sure, NASA is using their powerful computer for more than just word-processing, internet shopping and Facebook, but it is still astounding that this technology exists. It is unlikely that consumers will ever have access to machines with this type of speed, but it is promising that Google has taken notice. In a few years, our Google search inquiries could return faster and far more substantial results if Google utilizes quantum computing in its search.

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Why Security Tech Will Use More of Your Tech Budget in 2016

Security spending may account for significantly more of your tech budget next year. The cost of cybercrime rose 19% in the last year, and the average company is spending 82% more to defend itself than in 2009. The increase in cybercrime has forced companies to become smarter to defend themselves against attacks. Some tips for stronger security include storing as little personally identifiable information as possible on your servers, as well as looking to respond to attacks rapidly after they occur. Also, make sure that your company’s leadership supports your security tech efforts. To successfully mitigate cybersecurity risks, top level management has to make prevention a priority.

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This New Machine Could be the Future of Airport Security

The Qylatron Entry Experience Solution could be coming to an airport near you. The new machine is comprised of multiple hexagonal boxes stacked on top of each other. A person’s bag is placed inside and the door locks. Inside, various sensors scan the bag for banned items. The machines sensors use multi-view x-rays, chemical sensors, and artificial intelligence. If the sensors detect a weapon or banned item, an alarm goes off and security is called. The Qylatron is an intelligent machine with different algorithms depending upon where it is being used. Given the importance of airport security, it is encouraging to see that new advancements are being made to increase the effectiveness of our baggage scan procedures.

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Security is Better with Cloud Providers

Financial firms have been weary about moving sensitive client data to the cloud, but more are beginning to do so. The cloud has been found to actually improve security. This is due to the fact that many cloud based solutions have security teams and tools to monitor operations. Additionally, data is able to stay protected behind internal firewalls. Another benefit of cloud use is that the sheer complexity of the cloud provides additional security from hackers. In order to hack a company’s data that has been stored in the cloud, the hacker would have to find the exact data center where the information is held and find a way to gain access. Many are still afraid of the cloud because it is fairly new and somewhat complicated technology, but in time we will see almost every company storing their data in the cloud or a similar solution.

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