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The Weekly Roundup 12.25 Edition

by Amy December 23, 2015

Cybercriminals to Target Apple in 2016

For the longest time, Apple has enjoyed relative safety from cybercriminals and malware creators. With their continued growth and brand reach, however, it was inevitable that they would eventually become a target for cybercrime. In just the last year, the amount of malware and hacks targeted at Apple devices has doubled. Additionally, with Apple’s new endeavor into mobile payment via Apple Pay, researchers predict that there will be increased threats to their payment system in the coming year. Still, far fewer Apple computers are infected on a monthly basis compared to other software providers such as Windows. 96% percent of malware targeted at mobile devices is aimed at Android products. Nevertheless, it is important for Apple users to be weary of potential threats and refrain from installing applications and other software that has not been vetted by Apple. With the popularity of Apple devices, an effective hack could have far reaching implications.

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Audi to Use Headlight Lasers

From navigation systems, to automated vehicles, technology is modernizing the way we use automobiles. Audi aims to to go in a new direction in their new vehicles by changing the way our headlights are used. Everyone is aware of the current function of headlights, but Audi wants to employ a new system to allow your lights to be brighter without blinding other drivers.  The new system keeps the headlights bright on the road in front of your car but detects where other cars are on the road and is able to dim part of the headlight so as not to reduce their ability to see. Pedestrians are also protected by the new system, with marker lights that indicate when a person is standing in close proximity to the road. Another safety feature is the Audi’s camera that prevents brighter beams from shining on signs, which eliminates glare that impairs a driver’s visibility. While Audi seems to be leading the industry in headlight safety technology, we can expect this new light system to make its way to new cars from other companies.

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Holiday Safety Tips

The holiday season is a favorite time of year for most people. Use these tips to ensure that you and your family have a safe and happy holiday:

  • Lock your doors when you leave for holiday parties
  • Take holiday cards that contain cash or checks directly to the post office
  • Don’t leave empty boxes from expensive items out by the trash, as it attracts thieves
  • Shut your blinds when you leave the house so thieves can’t see that your house is decorated and may contain gifts.
  • Have a neighbor watch your house if you are going away for the holidays
  • Make sure outside of your home is well lit at night so that thieves can’t sneak onto your property

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Malvertising, the Latest Hacking Threat

One of the most menacing threats to personal online security is malvertising. Unlike other cybersecurity threats, malvertising doesn’t require any action on the part of the internet user to open oneself up to the hack. Instead, malvertisers buy advertising space on other webpages and can infect your computer when you visit the webpage. Malvertising software looks for vulnerabilities in your computer to find a place that is easy to attack. While many reputable webpages use malware detection tools to try to prevent malvertisers from posting ads on their webpages, the system is not without flaws. To fully ensure safety from malvertising, the barrier to entry for ad buying is going to have to increase so that malvertisers are less likely to be able to afford online ad space.

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