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The Weekly Roundup 4.10 Edition

by Cassie April 10, 2015

MAC_WeeklyRoundup_ColorHere are some articles about PERS, security systems, and smart home devices.

Caregiver, Homebuilder Offer Tips for Senior In-Home Safety

As people age, their homes may no longer meet their needs. Jason Eid, President of Eid-Co Homes, builds custom homes for senior adults who face the physical and sometimes mental challenges that come with age. Recognizing that a new home may not be affordable to every senior, he offers these simple home safety tips which can be implemented today:

  • Get a personal alarm, that with the press of a button, seniors can call for help if they’ve fallen and can’t get up
  • Add more lights and sensors to the home
  • Add a stair lift or move the bedroom downstairs
  • Program appliances to turn off automatically
  • Install grab bars and non-slip mats to shower and bath areas

For the original article in Inforum, click here


Amazon Dash + Poppy loT Coffee Maker + Wink Home Automation = Wow

The phrase, “Do you want a refill?” has practically become obsolete thanks to new products like Amazon Dash, Poppy lot Coffee Maker, and Wink Home Automation. These smart technologies can sense when supplies are getting low and will either automatically refill or alert you to refill. Although the great debate wages on about technology becoming too smart, one thing is certain, technology has never been more convenient.

For the original article in CEPro, click here


Privacy VS. Security: How the Debate Changes

The question, “Where do we draw the line between our right to privacy and our desire to be protected?” is often debated. With Government collecting metadata on our phone calls and Google tracking our web activity, we are, in a sense, lacking privacy. Some argue that measures of security trump privacy rights, while others defend the right to protect personal information. In today’s world, the clear answer to what should be monitored and what shouldn’t, is still undefined. Only the future knows for sure.

For the original article in Seattle Times, click here


loT Is In the House: Decoding the Tech Behind Smart Homes

Home automation is expected to reach over $16.4 billion in growth by the year 2019. This explosion in popularity is due to the convergence of four technologies:

  1. Wi-Fi – wireless connectivity that connects smart devices to a home network, essential in the smart home.
  2. Bluetooth Smart – products function with very little power; batteries can last for months, or even years, on a single charge.
  3. Wireless charging – allows users to charge multiple electronic devices without the use of a cable.
  4. A strong and fast broadband – as technology becomes more advanced, so must the broadband to support it.

For the original article in FirstPost, click here