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The Weekly Roundup 5.1 Edition

by My Alarm Center May 1, 2015


Here are articles about smart locks and other smart home devices as well as home security systems.

What Exactly Is Amazon’s Smart Home Strategy?

Hats off to Amazon for their smart home strategy. It’s the unique result of five initiatives – each rolled out independently – but with enough connective tissue to create one cohesive, powerful and differentiating home automation strategy. To understand the big picture, you need to start with the details.

For the original article in Forbes, click here


Good-Bye Keys: “Smart Locks” Let You in Without Them

In a world where people expect connectivity and 24/7 accessibility, traditional locks are simply not up to par. Today’s “smart locks” fall into three categories:

  1. Automated locks – operate through “one touch technology,” with the push of a button or keypad
  2. Activated keyless locks – operate through phones, using push-button pads, an app, or by holding a connected phone near the lock.
  3. System locks – operate as part of larger “smart home” systems, from home-security systems to thermostats.

For a relevant article in ABC News, click here


How Handy is Home Automation?

In addition to security, home automation can offer a whole lot more. New systems offer convenience, comfort, energy savings, and more. By using a smart-phone, tablet or computer to control and monitor automation functions, “smart homeowners” can make their home operations as simple or as complex as they choose – connecting one or two selected devices, or a more robust combination of multiple home devices – depending on lifestyle and preference. With so many options available to enhance the way we live, what are you waiting for? Take the next step today.

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Burglar-Proof Your Home: A Complete Guide to Home Security

Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity. And studies show the three most common factors criminals use to determine whether or not to rob a home are time, noise, and visibility. Don’t become a target. Take steps to protect your home from invasion by identifying weaknesses, and making appropriate adjustments. Here are some basic and easy security measures all homeowners can take:

  1. Get to know your neighbors
  2. Install a home security system
  3. Keep the outside of your home well maintained and well lit
  4. Be careful where and how you put out your trash
  5. Be careful who you let in your home
  6. Avoid hiring unsolicited help
  7. Always lock your doors and windows
  8. Get a dog

For the original article in, click here