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The Weekly Roundup 5.15 Edition

by My Alarm Center May 15, 2015


Check out these wonderful articles on smart home security, including one that dispels some popular myths about home security service and home automation services.

Home Security Goes Hi-Tech With Lighting Features

Your home is your castle, but is it safe from home invasions? Online community forums are abuzz with three simple steps homeowners can take to enhance their home security:

  1. Install proper lighting. To a burglar, a dark house is an easy target. Keep yours illuminated at all the right times – even when you’re not home. High tech lighting packages cost less than $100.
  2. Get to know your neighbors! Perhaps you pass each other like ships in the night, but by joining private social networks like, you communicate with your neighbors anytime, anywhere.
  3. Contact your local police station. Some counties offer their residents “house watch” programs; special visits by law enforcement to check out their homes and report anything that may look suspicious.

For the original article in WKMG Local 6, click here


Fact Or Fiction: Home Security Myths

1. Security bars and deadbolts can turn thieves away

When properly installed and used in combination, security bars and deadbolts make it 10x harder – and much too risky – for burglars to break in.

2. Thieves can lift your sliding door to get into your house

Bye-bye broomstick. That old trick in the door track to block the slide, just doesn’t work anymore. Without the use of a “Charlie bar,” burglars can simply lift the

door and rock it open.

3. Using nails or window locks will prevent a burglar from opening a window

This method not only doesn’t work, but it could jeopardize the safety of people who may be inside the home.

For the original article in, click here



What Home Automation Systems Can You Buy Now?

The answer is, plenty! The home automation market is exploding with choices and options. Here are some best-selling, affordable new apps you may want to consider.

For $199, the Sonos phone/app system, provides users complete control over everything they want to do: turn on the TV, listen to music, dim the lights, adjust the fan, and more.

The Chamberlain my-Q garage control is $129 and allows users to open and close garage doors from anywhere with the click of an app on the phone.

For $219, Kevo, you can unlock your doors through your phone or a key fob, with just one touch.

For the original article in CBS, click here


8 Clever Uses for Your Old Tablet

Tablets haven’t been around long, but chances are you will upgrade, if you haven’t done so already. Before you decide to sell or dispose of your old tablet, check out these cool things you can do with it:

  1. Art display
  2. Skype Interface
  3. Remote computer monitor
  4. Home security camera
  5. Alarm clock
  6. Radio player
  7. Mirror
  8. Digital Picture Frame

For the original article in, click here