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The Weekly Roundup 5.8 Edition

by My Alarm Center May 8, 2015


Check out these amazing articles on smart home security, smart home security systems, and the importance of carbon monoxide detectors.

Internet of Things: Innovations for a Smarter Kitchen

As the world continues to evolve technologically, so do our homes. Developers spend much of their time optimizing the heart of our homes – the kitchen. If a “smart kitchen” is the room of your dreams, you’re in luck. Watch for these inventive products coming to retail stores soon:

  1. SmartyPans: Smart cooking pans that monitor temperature, humidity, and weights of ingredients.
  2. Vessyl: Smart beverage containers that track calorie consumption and provide nutritional information.
  3. Countertop: An app that connects with other appliances to suggest culinary concoctions like tasty smoothies for your Vitamix, or gourmet recipes for your Crock-Pot. This app is always cooking up great ideas!

For the original article in CEA Blog, click here

Home Automation Development Board Unveiled By GarageLab

If you’re a fan of Kickstarter and home automation, here’s a perfect concept product for you: Automation Board. Specifically designed to support the popular Arduino platform, users will be able to create custom home automation systems with the bells and whistles of their choosing, without the use of external power sources. Sound intriguing? GarageLab is currently seeking funding to take Automation Board from concept to reality.

For the original article in Geeky Gadgets, click here


What Kind of Home Security System is Right for Me?

True, or False: Most home invasions occur at night. The correct answer may surprise you. The majority of break-ins occur in broad daylight, when robbers assume you are at work or away. Having a home security system is one of the best ways to deter home invasions. Not only will the sound of an alarm scare criminals away, some systems send signals directly to local authorities, alerting them that something is amiss. Smart Sensors are designed to detect suspicious activity or movement, a fall or personal injury, or water and fire damage. To optimize your options, we recommend you consult with experts from well-known security companies, and read customer reviews to help determine which system is best for your lifestyle.

For the original article in BlogHer, click here


Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer That Could be Lurking in Your Home

You can’t see it, smell it, taste or touch it. But, boy, is it deadly. Small wonder this toxic gas is often called “the silent killer.” The best way to protect yourself and your family from carbon monoxide is to get a detector. They are inexpensive (less than $50!) and easy to install – just plug it in to any outlet. Accidents happen, but tragedies can be prevented. So don’t put it off. Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home today.

For the original article in Today, click here