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The Weekly Roundup 6.12 Edition

by My Alarm Center June 12, 2015

MAC_WeeklyRoundup_ColorHere are some helpful articles with information on home automation services, wireless security services, and burglar alarms.

Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL Speakers Over Fire Risk

These “Beats” are so hot, they are literally on fire! This week Apple recalled their product, Beats Pill XL Speakers, over a potential fire risk. Although the recall is voluntary, Apple is urging customers to return the product due to a rare malfunction that can result in the battery of the device heating to the point of explosion. Although this product was rated highly at the time of its release, holding on to the popular Bluetooth speakers is not worth the risk. A $325 dollar refund for the speakers is certainly preferable to a battery explosion and an ensuing house fire. For the original article in the, click here


Get Healthy: Keep Safety In Mind At Home and At Play

June is National Safety Month. Do your part by following these simple and easy to remember tips:

  • Check your smoke detectors to ensure the batteries are working; replace them regularly.
  • Test your fire extinguishers a few times a year to make sure they are working.
  • Avoid slips, trips and falls by putting a non-slip strip in the tub, shower or on the floor.
  • Make sure to keep poisons and chemicals in their own separate storage area.
  • Wear appropriate protective gear to keep safe when engaging in physical activities.

For the original article in, click here


Protect Your Home From Burglaries and Theft This Summer

It’s summertime, which means BBQs and pool parties are at their peak. Unfortunately, so are burglaries. Take care and follow this advice to protect your home during the next few months:

  • Keep your doors and windows locked at all times
  • Slow burglars down by using specialty locks
  • Lock and label large items, especially in your garage
  • Light areas around your house
  • Be aware of neighborhood activity and join the Neighborhood Watch

For the original article in the Tennessean, click here


Wireless Charging Over Wi-Fi Could Be on the Horizon

Say goodbye to cables; researchers at the University of Washington have successfully tested Wi-Fi charging. With the continued rise of smart products, there has become a real need for a more elegant charging solution. Researchers hope to give us a lasting answer to our tethered charging troubles, but they still have a ways to go. Currently, power output limits on wireless routers are the main obstacles to the widespread adoption of this Wi-Fi charging method. This means that the routers in our home are, at present, prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission from outputting enough energy for Wi-Fi charging to be successful. Still, we can be optimistic about what this new development in technology means for electronic charging in the future. For the original article in Mashable, click here