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The Weekly Roundup 7.10 Edition

by Cassie July 10, 2015


NBA Player Blames Elbow Injury on His iPhone 6 Plus

Could it be that technology is literally causing us physical pain? With technology following the Texas philosophy of “bigger is better,” devices are literally hard to handle. New smart phones like the Apple iPhone 6 Plus are frustrating consumers by forcing them to overreach. “It was a strain to use [the iPhone 6 Plus], you have to stretch further to hit the buttons,” said NBA player Matt Bonner. Bonner developed an injury from his Apple device and has since complained about the popular smartphone to the press. In response to the negative feedback Apple produced iOS 8, which has a special software feature called Reachability. The app allows the screen to slide down so the top row of app icons is easier to reach.

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Does Your Security Sign Make You Vulnerable?

Yard signs are helpful in deterring criminal activity by repelling burglars, but they may attract scammers. Each year, thousands of homeowners are scammed into switching their service to another provider. These deceitful scams work by having a sales person of another security company trick a homeowner into “upgrading” their service. Unknowingly, the homeowner then ends up canceling their current service and gets locked into a lengthy and expensive contract. The best advice to avoid scams is to ask to see an ID and follow up with a call to your current provider before purchasing or upgrading your system.

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Olympus Air Crams a Mirrorless Camera Into a Smartphone-Controlled Lens

Attention all Instagram lovers! Step up your selfie game by purchasing Olympus’ latest mirror-less camera. The Olympus Air A01 is a handheld interchangeable lens camera that is controlled using a smartphone. The camera itself is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making it easy for consumers to swap out lenses while their smartphones acts as a controller. The release of this new smart lens is yet another step forward in the technology automation market.

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Home Security: Landscape Advice

When people think of home security they rarely consider their home’s landscape. Unkempt bushes or trees give burglars the opportunity to conceal themselves without getting noticed. In an effort to educate homeowners on the importance of proper external home safety, Officer Brent Forgey with the Nixa Police Department shared these three important tips:

  1. Utilize hostile landscaping by planting rose bushes or thorns underneath windows and along your home’s walls.
  2. Trim your bushes or shrubs regularly and keep them below the window line at all times.
  3. If you are unable to remove a tree or bush that could be a potential safety hazard, make sure to keep your blinds down and windows locked.

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