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The Weekly Roundup 7.17 Edition

by Cassie July 17, 2015
Nature Valley Ad Validates Current Generation Addicted to Technology

Nature Valley, a granola bar company, is urging customers to get back in touch with nature. Their new ad asks three generations of families what they most liked to do when they were children. The first two generations fondly remember outdoor activities like fishing, picking blueberries and playing baseball. The third generation recalls vastly different activities; texting, surfing the web, playing video games and watching TV are commonplace. One little girl went as far as to say she would “die without her tablet.” After watching the ad, new questions arise; is too much technology a bad thing? And if so, how will this affect future generations.
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Home Security Camera Helps Catch Alleged Burglar in Cedar Grove

This week is yet another win for home security systems. A motion-activated security camera assisted police in catching a burglar in Cedar Grove, NJ. A vacationing homeowner was alerted by her system that something was amiss, and promptly called 911. Upon arrival of the police, the suspect was apprehended and charged with attempted burglary.

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New York City Asks Google Maps to Discourage Left Turns

New York City’s department of transportation is urging Google to alter their popular app, Google Maps, in an effort to make their city safer. According to data pulled from NPR, 25% of all vehicle crashes involving pedestrians happened when those vehicles were turning left. Google and New York DOT are jointly discussing the development of an advanced feature that would reduce the number of left-hand turn options the navigation app currently provides.

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Home Security Video Captures Burglar Inside Upper East Side Apartment

A burglar made the mistake of robbing an Upper East Side apartment which was equipped with a hidden security camera. After targeting one complex and breaking into two apartments, it was during a third break-in that the burglar was caught on camera, stealing jewelry and other valuables. Although the crime is still being investigated, police are optimistic that the advantage of having video surveillance footage will help bring swift justice.

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