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The Weekly Roundup 8.21 Edition

by Cassie August 21, 2015

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This Hacker’s Tiny Device Unlocks Cars and Opens Garages

If the unlock button on your key fob doesn’t work on the first try, it may not be due to its batteries. A new device developed by hackers allows them to intercept your key fob’s wireless command and record it to be used on your car later. While this technique is not new to the hacking industry, this device makes it far easier to exploit signals from your key fob to easily break into your car at any time. The device is not just limited to cars, it can also be used to steal your garage door signal and break into your house. The device, called RollJam, does not have to actually be placed on the car or garage, it just has to be close enough to intercept the signal being sent when you press your opener. Automakers and garage door manufacturers have not done anything to combat this new device yet. Given the implications of RollJam, however, it is important that companies work to get away from common radio operated remotes.

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New App Lets Anyone 3D Print “Do Not Duplicate” Keys

University of Michigan researchers have released a web-based app that lets anyone 3D print thousands of “restricted” keys that are specifically designed not to be copied. The app called Keysforge, was developed to demonstrate that given current technology, not enough is being done to protect business and apartment renters. The software can easily create a CAD file that can 3D print a key using only a picture of the key and a picture of the front of the lock. This is further proof that physical security measures, such as standard key operated locks, are outdated and need to be improved upon to enhance our safety. With 3D printing becoming more prevalent, it will be interesting to see what other industries are affected.

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Earables: New Wearable Technology

The success of the Apple Watch is proof that wearable technology is, in fact, the direction technology is heading. Although, the Apple Watch just scratches the surface of how we will eventually use wearable technology in every day life. The Hear Active Listening System by Doppler is more than just a wearable upgrade to a device that you already own. The System actually augments the sound of the world around you to completely change the way you experience life. If you are watching a concert and want to heighten the sound of the bass or another aspect of the music, the Listening System will allow you to do that. Earables plan to allow technology to immerse itself in your every day routine without hindering your lifestyle or bothering you with the constant buzzing notifications we currently deal with on our smart devices.

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Solar Panels Double as Highway Sound Barriers

With the ever-changing technological landscape aiding the development of eco-driven utilities, we are seeing new, creative uses for energy conscious equipment like solar panels. An Eindhoven University of Technology team has taken solar technology to a new level, by lining the A2 highway with solar panels both as a way of producing energy and blocking the sound of the highway. Unlike typical solar panels that are usually placed on top of buildings, the solar panels used around the highway are cheaper, colorful and translucent. The experiment hopes to demonstrate the practical use of these panels, while also proving that they do not have to be an eyesore. If the experiment continues to be successful, we could see these panels become more widely used in other countries due to their energy producing and sound trapping capabilities.

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