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The Weekly Roundup 9.10 Edition

by Cassie September 10, 2015

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3D Printing a Multi-Story Home

With their latest technology, a Chinese construction company is demonstrating what happens when 3D printing is no longer limited by scalability constraints. The company, called the Zhuoda Group, has begun to 3D print full-size, multi-story homes and assemble them in just 3 hours. The process involves printing modules for each section of the house in their factory and then using cranes to fit the pieces together at the construction site. This construction method can reduce the total build time for a home by months and will end up saving the home owner significant construction costs, without sacrificing durability. The Zhuoda group is still working on patenting their construction method, but they intend to eventually commercialize their process. 3D printed construction projects could make future home building more economical and customizable if implemented throughout the industry.

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Simple Home Safety Improvements

If you are looking to make your home safer, here are a few tips you can utilize to make your home more secure.

  • Add heavy duty locks to doors that lead to the outside
  • Lock up any valuable tools you have in your garage in a cabinet or a safe
  • Consider overhead storage in the garage to protect equipment from the elements
  • Inspect decks and patios annually to make sure railings are secure and boards are free of rot
  • Large closet safes are a good way to store documents, jewelry or hard drives in your bedroom or home office.
  • If you are putting a grill on your deck, make sure it is at least 5 feet from your house

These small changes will make you and your family safer at home.

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Windowless Airplane Enhances Passengers’ Views

The IXION Windowless Jet Concept, designed by Technicon Design, aims to give passengers the sensation that they are traveling in a completely open plane. The plane will have cameras on its exterior that project a 360-degree view of the outside onto the inside walls of the plane’s cabin. The displays, however, aren’t limited to the outside view of the plane. If it is a cloudy night with limited visibility, the displays can show a trip to the Grand Canyon or even the moon. Another strength of the plane’s unique design is that without windows, the plane will require less material to manufacture, which will make the plane cheaper and lighter. As adaptations to long distance transportation continue to be considered, the Windowless Jet is a feasible, economical option.

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New App Tells You Your Friends Got Home Safely

A new app called Companion, wants to use your GPS to keep you safe when travelling alone. The app, created by a group of University of Michigan students, is able to predict what time you will get home and notifies your friends if you do not make it. Users can also contact family or the local police department in the event of an emergency by just tapping their phones. Alerts are sent via text message, so your friends do not have to have the app in order to be notified in case of emergency. The University of Michigan’s Department of Public Safety & Security is already looking into working with the app’s developers to gain data for campus patrolling. Companion could definitely be useful on other college campuses, and serves as another great example of how technology can be utilized to improve personal safety.

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