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Advanced Business Security

Advanced Business Security

Protect your investment with a customized security solution, including video surveillance and fire protection.

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Business owners from Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Row to The Atlantic City Boardwalk choose to protect their livelihood with commercial security systems from My Alarm Center. Ensure your employees' safety and security with fire & carbon monoxide monitoring, intrusion detection, video surveilance and more.

Protect your business assets with open and close reports for up to 32 unique employee codes. You have worked hard to ensure your business is a success, now focus on what you do best, reassured with the knowledge that we are protecting your investment. Call us today at 855-334-6562 and ask how we can fit the unique needs of your business with My Alarm Center commercial security systems.

Get peace of mind and $100.*

The peace of mind is priceless. The $100 is...well, $100.

*$100 credited to the account within 30 days of installation