Our Vision

“Together We’re Safer” is more than a slogan, it’s our whole approach to keeping you and your family protected.
Our people. Our commitment. Our expertise. Our communities. Our technology. Together, they are all part of
what makes us the best choice for you.

Since inception in 2000, My Alarm Center has remained steadfast in its commitment to provide the most technologically advanced security systems and professional and courteous customer service.

To deliver on this promise, we use our nationwide reach to provide state-of-the-art equipment and services to all the markets we serve. We understand that local expert technicians have a more comprehensive knowledge of your neighborhood. This is why we retain unique relationships with our local service providers to ensure you're getting the best service possible.

Importantly, we retain top quality professionals in the industry to respond to all of your security alarm needs. These include: friendly, knowledgeable customer service personnel and top rated emergency response monitoring personnel.

My Alarm Center is rapidly being distinguished as one of the premier security service providers in the country. Our goal is to provide our customers with cutting edge security products and services. Our dedication to technology is surpassed only by our devotion and desire to serve and protect our customers, their families and businesses.

Get peace of mind and $100.*

The peace of mind is priceless. The $100 is...well, $100.

*$100 credited to the account within 30 days of installation