Keeping You Protected at All Times

My Alarm Center wants to make sure your family is protected no matter where you may be,
so we have taken the time to put together these home security safety tips.

Vacation safety tips

When you and your family are on vacation, the last thing you want to do is worry if your home is safe and secure. These simple tips will ensure that your vacation ends as happily as it began.

Prevent home invasion

Unauthorized intrusions can happen anywhere and at any time. Keep criminals out with these home invasion safety tips!

Possession records

You cannot afford to lose important documents like wills, deeds and financial records. Learn how to keep them secure.

Smoke detectors

Smoke inhalation kills more people than exposure to flames, which is why having functional detectors in your home is a must. Here is everything you need to know about keeping them intact.

Furnaces/space heaters

The devices that keep your home warm can also be fire hazards. Take the appropriate measures to ensure an accident does not happen.


They may be great for warming up in the winter, but fireplaces can be just as dangerous as they are inviting. Remember these safety tips.

Electrical hazards

Your home's electrical system should not be taken lightly. Make sure everyone in your family knows about these critical home safety tips.

Create an exit plan

When disaster strikes, you do not have time to waste. Learn how to create a sound safety strategy here.