Keep Your Home Safe While On Vacation

Here are some tips to ensure that your vacation ends as happily as it began.

Outside your home

  • Inform My Alarm Center and local law enforcement that you will be out of town
  • Stop mail through the post office's "Hold Mail Service," available online, or have a neighbor pick up your mail
  • If you do not have a landscaping service, make arrangements to have your lawn mown
  • Remove 'hidden' house keys - provide access by activating the remote arm and disarm service from My Alarm Center
  • Program outdoor lighting to activate at dusk

Inside your home

  • Test your system before you leave.
  • Close interior doors to prevent thieves from looking through your empty house, this also acts as a firebreak in-case of fire
  • Check all alarm batteries (smoke, carbon monoxide, water detector)
  • Program lighting controls to simulate your daily routine
  • Use a programmable outlet to activate a radio or television so activity is heard in the house

How My Alarm Center Can Help

My Alarm Center provides everything you need to manage your home's security system from anywhere, through your web-enabled smartphone or computer. You can:

  • Remote Arm & Disarm your home to allow neighbors or workers access while you're out
  • Program your indoor and outdoor lighting, and adjust the settings while you are away
  • Program your thermostat and electronics to simulate your presence in the home
  • Monitor your home's activity through live IP cameras
  • Receive activity reports via your computer or smart phone
  • Get water sensors alerts and control shutoff valve to cut off the water supply in case of a burst pipe